Describe the consulting process.

The scope of business is classified in detail and a comprehensive strategy is carried out for each project, including market research and analysis, developmental environment analysis, development planning, setting development concept, setting business structure, feasibility analysis, licensing, lotting-out, execution and completion of architecture, and asset management.

What services related to real estate development projects do you provide?

Our company provides landowner joint business, joint investment project, construction execution, execution agency, real estate consulting, building construction, architectural design, and sales agency services. In relation to this, we pursue close integration with each sector, synergy effect, efficient task process, cost minimization, and profit maximization.

How much is the commission regarding real estate development?

Market research, architectural design, and feasibility review in relation to the requested real estate development are conducted for free. After it is confirmed that the project will proceed, separate commission fees for the project, such as for the execution agency, consulting, building construction, architectural and interior design, sales agency, etc., are added after signing the contract.