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Jeju-do town house development, construction and sale

Jeju Island is the best tourist destination and resort in South Korea; recently it's becoming the favorite area among domestic and international tourists, as it features abundant natural heritage. Moreover, the island is the No.1 place where people hope to live on account of its clean natural environment. In fact, there has been a continuous population influx: 20,000 migrants per year, equal to 1,200 people per month. This has resulted in the highest increase in real-estate values in the country. Furthermore, the annually estimated land prices and housing prices are always ranked no. 1.

Jeju Island Townhouses

To keep up with the latest trends and changes, DH E&C established and sells premium residential complexes on carefully selected and promising land in Jeju Island; we examine the prospects and the possible value of the land through a thorough process. DH E&C will always be by your side as a helpful and reliable counselor and partner by creating the optimal living environment and second houses suitable for the nature of the island with our developers and architects, and we will enable you to get great benefits from your investment.