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Complex layout & design

Residential townhouse complex and commercial townhouse complex
Townhouse complexes, becoming far more popular recently, are managed differently depending on type: residential or commercial. DH E&C always strives to find the optimal and most feasible approach for our clients by investigating properties and land from all angles and creating the best design.
Village for residents with similar tastes
The growing trend is to form a cozy village with two or three households made up of close friends or relatives. The benefit of these villages is that residents can install a space to enjoy their hobbies together while protecting each other's privacy; to make up for the shortcomings of detached houses, the trend has been growing rapidly. We will create the most beautiful and comfortable village for you and your loved ones by considering their characteristics as well as their interests, and finding the optimal theme for the village.
Luxury Detached Second House
Second houses are generally regarded as summer houses, and they are located in tranquil areas. People stay in these houses over the weekends to feast their eyes on the splendid landscape of the surroundings and dream of a second life. We will create a place where you can heal your mind and body and enjoy your hobbies, like tending a vegetable garden.
Complex layout & design