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Estate development and implementation

Real estate planning & implementation

Our team looks for the real estate itself or makes the decision on the development direction and the concept by conducting analysis on the income and expense of a project and market research based on the request of the landowner (Sale or Landowner Joint Business) to capitalize on consumer needs and keep up with the latest trends for the best feasibility and profitability.

DEVELOPMENT & PLANNING Development & Planning of Real Estate

  • Development Projects for townhouses
  • Development Projects for apartment buildings (apartments/multipurpose buildings)
  • Development Projects for office buildings (offices/studio apartments)
  • Development Projects for neighborhood/complex/commercial facilities
  • Development Projects for leisure and sports
  • Development Projects for urban residential buildings
  • Self-Development or Develoment Upon the Request of the Landowner
  • Site Selection Preliminary Feasibility Analysis of Plans
    Selection and Purchasing of Land
  • Feasibility Study Feasibility Analysis
    Analysis of the Income and Expense of a Project/Estimation of Cash Flow
    (Detailed Analysis of Feasibility)
  • Establishment of Development Direction Self-development project
    Decision on Enforcement Methods
    Planning Design Implementation
  • Establishment of Master Plan Layout of Complexes and Architectural Design
    Establishment of Development Concept
    Estimation of Development Scale
  • Approvals Adjustment of Planning and Design
    Preparation of Construction Plan
    Master Plan for Approval for Building Construction
  • Analysis and Planning Enforcement Design
    Design and Management of Construction Process
    Preliminary Study Before the Beginning of Construction
  • Construction and Management Establishment of Sales Plan
    Marketing For Real Estate Sales