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Project Management (PM) means taking responsibility for managing the entire process of the project, from planning the development project, design, ordering, and construction, to maintenance on behalf of our clients and landowners. In order words, we lead the project to success by taking on a role in the entire process from real estate-related business, financing, marketing, and building construction, to creating the most ideal architectural design, while suggesting the optimal approach of each project according to the outcome of the feasibility analysis of a project at the planning stage. Since our professionals in each field are dedicated to managing the whole process, we can assure that all of our clients benefit from quality improvements, a shortened construction period, cost reduction, and also the greatest returns within the established budget. DH E&C performs the following tasks to minimize risk and achieve successful development by carrying out projects based on a systematic PM system.

Major Tasks
Feasibility & Proposal
Feasibility Study
Establishment and Planning of Marketing Concepts
Consulting on PF (Project Financing)/Sales & Marketing
Assignment of Architectural Designers and Management of the Design Process (Design Review)
Contract Management such as bidding for selection of a builder
Construction Process Management
Quality Control and Legal Supervision of Construction
Benefits from DH E&C's PM
Maximizing returns for the client with the effective PM system to thoroughly manage the entire process of a project from the beginning.
Effectively controlling risk of the project and the ordering organization on behalf of the client.
Proceeding with a project in sustainable and effective ways to accomplish the best performance and make the greatest profit for the client by reducing overlapping tasks as a coordinator between stakeholders from the early stage of the project.
Effective and total management to maintain balance between the three major factors: construction period (time), budget (cost), and quality.
Reduction of project costs by introducing VE (Value Engineering) technique at all stages of a project.

Construction Management (CM) means managing all processes of construction, such as planning, feasibility study, analysis, design, procurement, contract, construction management, supervision, evaluation, and follow-up management; this is a new concept of contract and ordering in which the clients entrust the professional construction managers with all or part of the management of construction tasks with the purpose of cost reduction in construction, quality improvement, and shortened construction period (time). We provide the construction management service for the whole process based on our long experience and expertise in architectural design and construction; we not only thoroughly supervise the construction method and examine the appropriate construction cost but also deal with all tasks from the construction stage to the real estate sales for our clients.

Necessity of CM
To tackle difficulties of communication and coordination among the participants of each project such as planning, design, construction.
To prevent poor quality, increased project costs, and construction delays caused by insufficient planning at the early stage.
To prevent complaints of project participants from arising due to insufficient contract management.
To prevent insufficient administrative support caused by distribution and complication of responsibility in handling the legal documentation for approvals.
To prevent insufficient VE and examination of feasibility of construction caused by insufficient design review
Benefits from DH E&C's CM
Minimizing expected problems and waste through the application of CM from the early stage of a project.
Accomplishing successful outcomes through effective financing and administrative affairs
Reducing project costs through the feasibility study on construction and VE at the design stage
Shortening the construction period through fast-tracking
Ensuring quality and preventing poor construction through the phased management of each professional field
Achieving the goal of the client with smooth communication and coordination among the project participants
Proceeding with the coherent process of a project as a single professional group conducts integrated management at all stages of a project
Suggesting optimal decision-making to the clients as the professional group conducts scientific analysis and assessment.
Minimizing possible complaints from project participants and taking control in case of a dispute
Providing information on the project process to the project participants and ordering bodies in real time